secret to success

The Secret To Success (according to a priest)

I remember waking up one wonderful Sunday in 2011, on a February. I turned on the TV and chanced upon a Holy Eucharistic Celebration.

In the Homily, the priest preached about the secrets to success. He gave out 3 Bible Verses. I only got two (oh how sleepy I must have been?!).

The verses: Mt 6:25, and Mt 6:33.

Anyways, simply stated, the secrets to success as per the priest were:

1.) Only serve the real master, serve your God.

2.) Don’t worry, don’t be anxious (Mt 6:25)

3.) Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added unto you (Mt 6:33)

I believe the priest’s advice is profound.

It’s kind of a simple advice, but surely, a challenge to put into practice.

But hey, this should be worth it — wouldn’t you agree?