Month: June 2018

How Bo Sanchez’ Club Saved My Life and My Marriage

"... and how you can learn to start seeing opportunities in your life and begin your path to true prosperity and happiness?"

Dear Reader,

Looking back, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life — and I mean A LOT. I hurt people I loved. I made decisions that were foolish.

How can I say all this? For one, there was a point in my life years ago wherein I was completely broke. And we all know that such a financial strain can ruin families. I would even dare say that my wife could have left me because of the financial difficulties we were experiencing.

I couldn’t believe it myself. I consider myself well-educated, but I still ended up that way (which was probably the lowest point in my life.)

How did I manage to stay sane? Mainly by, no.1 PRAYER, no.2 EXERCISING, and no.3 LEARNING a lot.

While these 3 things kept my sanity and hope for life — there was still something SIGNIFICANTLY LACKING, something that can show me what I needed to do.

And that was what I was desperately searching for.

There were times when I thought, it was the end for me, that it was already hopeless. Sometimes I find myself crying. I pleaded to God for help and intervention.

Then by chance and by the grace of God, I came to know of a little-known club created by Bro. Bo Sanchez.

I was curious and excited because I thought to myself that this could be the ANSWER to my prayers. So I researched the details of Brother Bo Sanchez’ TRC membership site. What I found out made me happy and gave me inner peace. I had a gut feel that it offered the things I was looking for:

  1. Spiritual Guidance
  2. Life Advice
  3. Career/Business Tips

I didn’t have spare money then, but I still decided to gave it a try. I took a risk.

I joined and became a monthly member of Bro. Bo’s club.

And I could honestly say that that’s when things started to turn around for me.

It taught me the right mindset, the correct attitude for success and many subtle things that were valuable to change my life for the better.

And while Bo Sanchez’ club teaches about how to become more prosperous in life — it went beyond that. 

It allowed it’s members to make extra cash by allowing us to get a commission when we refer anybody to his club.

It was a nice way to practice what Bro. Bo teaches on taking initiative, working hard, and taking action on opportunities to eventually become financially free.

Inside the truly rich club, I also came to realize what my gifts were — and how to take advantage of these God-given gifts so I can make more money.

So I also started doing freelance writing. I always loved writing even when I was a kid. In fact, I won 2nd place in an essay writing contest when I was in Grade 6 (around 1988). The essay was about “Quo Vadis Filipinas” — translated, “Where are you going Philippines?”

If it weren’t for the teachings of Bro. Bo inside his club, I wouldn’t have realized that I had this gift from God that I could offer to the world.

And the beautiful thing about this is that when you share your gift to the world — the world will give back to you, many times over.

That’s why Bo Sanchez Club has been a huge blessing in my life.

And I want to share this with you. If you feel this is right for you as well, then I invite you to join the club.

This could be the start of an amazing adventure in your life.

I’m excited, I hope you are too.

TrulyRichClub Membership Lessons and Realizations

I am writing this letter to hopefully inspire you. The lessons and realizations in this article were due mainly to Bro. Bo Sanchez’ teachings inside his truly rich club membership site. Bro. Bo has a big influence in how I think and how I approach things. Surely, I have other mentors — but in terms of living life to the fullest and finding meaning, I look up to Bo Sanchez. Read on, and I pray to God you’ll find bits of wisdom and practical things you can apply in your life.


My point: you don’t have control.

Let me repeat that. “You don’t have CONTROL.”

You don’t have control of your life, your work or anything in this world.

You may think you do.

But you don’t.

BECAUSE only our BIG God has control of everything.

We may make our own plans. But in the end, God’s plan prevails.

“If I don’t have control, so what’s there for me to do?”

Good question.

The answer? You do what you can. To the best of your ability. Offering your plans and efforts to God.

Let’s work at our goals, that’s a given.

But don’t let the RESULTS bother you. Wealth… Promotion… Your Mr. Right… Your Miss Right… Perfect Health… Divine Blessings… Success…

“But shouldn’t be the end results the major focus of everything we do?”

Yes, it is.

But whether we achieve the results we want or not — shouldn’t make us anxious.

The IMPORTANT thing is we do our part, the best we can.

But leave the RESULTS to God.

If God blesses you with GOOD results, that’s due you. It’s His GIFT to you.

If it isn’t time yet. If it isn’t yours for the taking. If it isn’t meant for you.

Let it be.

Because in the end my friend, God has your best interest in mind.

You’ll receive everything your heart desires in God’s perfect timing. So relax, leave the results to our BIG God.


Look, I will be honest with you.

I’m impatient.

I don’t like to wait.

When I want something, when I have a goal, when I have a dream – I want to achieve it NOW.

Can you relate?

I think many of us are impatient.

We are all in a hurry.

When we want something, we want it now.

A dream job? Wealth? A girlfriend? boyfriend? Marriage? A thriving business? Recovery from sickness. Reconciliation with a loved one. Gaining of wisdom.

Whatever it is — we want it quickly.

If I have it my way, I want to get it fast too.

But there’s more to GAIN when we enjoy the JOURNEY.

… the journey towards achieving what we’ve long longed for.

There are important lessons to learn as we move along the journey.

And it’s these very LESSONS that will bring us CONTINUED success — not just one-time, lucky success stories.

So there’s really more to gain when we are patient.

PATIENCE puts us in a better position for continued success.

So if you’re in a hurry, don’t be.

I will do my best to be patient as well.


Yes, God is busy.

Busy working behind the scenes.

For you. And me.

And for our loved ones.

God does all this quietly.

Not wanting to gain attention.

Yet we should give Him credit.

God is the reason for everything.

And with just a snap of his fingers, He makes things happen.

So will you pray along with me? It’s just a short prayer, for a blessed year.

Here it goes:

“Dear Lord – we are thankful for last year. We lived it, not as perfectly as we should have. But with your grace, we’ve made it through with lessons and realizations that make us a better person. We are ready and excited for what this year holds for us. We believe you have good plans for us. We hold on to your promise. Therefore with open arms, we invite you into our lives this year, putting you in the center — so you can take control. Be merciful to us, your servants Oh Lord, and bless this new year — that it will be as what you planned for us. This we ask through Christ our Lord, IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY, AMEN.”

If you are reading this, please say AMEN to put power into this prayer.

My friend in Christ — I wish you a PROSPEROUS YEAR! I will be praying for you. Please pray for me too.

I wrote this based on my realizations on Bro. Bo Sanchez’ teachings inside the Truly Rich Club. I hope you found this article useful, and that it has made an impact in your life. If you want to learn these life lessons, I encourage you to check out Bo Sanchez membership club where he shares wisdom and knowledge to members like us. His advice won’t be a get-rich quick type, but something that one has to take for the long-term and implement. So if you’re excited about what Bro. Bo’s club has to offer, go now to the TRC website and start your journey to spiritual and financial prosperity.


You’re invited to join Bro. Bo’s Club!

I will go straight to the point here.

I’m inviting you to Bo Sanchez’ online membership club.


Because Bro. Bo can help you.

In many aspects of your life.

Spiritual. Wealth. Personal Achievements. Business or Career Success.

If you apply the RIGHT principles in your life, you will achieve BREAKTHROUGHS.

And here’s where you take the first step: here at Bro. Bo’s membership club

Things are going to get pretty exciting when you know what to do to achieve your goals in life.

If you’re satisfied where you’re at right now, and achieving all the things you’ve always wanted in your life, then his club may not be right for you. But if you want MORE out of your life. As God has always planned for YOU, then you may want to consider becoming part of Bo’s club.

God bless you.

’til next time,
P.S. Join Bro. Bo’s online community right now,
you’re invited!