Set yourself up for success this 2018 – How? Here are 3 practical ways…

How do you set yourself up for success this 2018?

I can offer three practical ways:

No. 1 – Make more money.

No. 2 – Save more money.

No. 3 – Read, learn or get mentored by successful individuals and entrepreneurs. This ensures you optimize both no. 1 and no. 2 above (making and saving money)

In Bro. Bo’s online club, you get all 3 benefits.

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God bless you.

’til next time,
P.S. Let me leave you with this beautiful saying: “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”― Theodore Roosevelt 

When a strong wind hits, bend!

Dear friend,
When a strong wind hits a stiff tree, believe me, that tree will break.
When a strong wind hits a flexible tree, trust me, that tree BENDS and will survive.
So when life is not going your way.
When everything seems to go against you.
When your dreams and goals are evading you.
Bend. Change direction. Innovate.
Don’t be so stiff that you won’t adjust even though you know you need to.
Adjust. Change direction if you need to.
Let me ask you, are you now achieving your goals in life?
Tell me honestly. Is your life now the life you planned a year ago, or two years ago?
You’ve done it your way.
If you are not getting the results you want.
Maybe it’s time to BEND. Change direction.
If you’re unsure, why not get a mentor?
You could buy life-changing books. Go to life-impacting seminars. Or choose online education platforms for your convenience.
But you have to make the decision quickly.
You’ve probably wasted years doing it your way. Without any help. Without any guidance from a mentor.
Be brave. Change direction to get the results you want.
When your way doesn’t work. Don’t force it. Learn other ways. Try other ways. Who knows, the very decision you make today, could be the best decision you’ve ever made this year.
The ball is in your hands now. What are you going to do now?

’til next time,
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I love learning

I really do.

I have my own mini library at home.

For all sorts of topics.

I admit – I’m weird like that.

But that’s me.

I believe God made me this way.

Sometimes though, I forget that my pursuit for knowledge isn’t my main goal in life.

My main goal is to know God.

So I can spread the WORD.

That’s why I try my very best to read the bible each day.

And it has been great.

Because it’s food for the spirit.

It nourishes my soul.

I get a certain peace and fulfillment that I don’t experience elsewhere.

My realization is to always put God first.

And then all other things second.

That’s the perfect order.

’til next time,